My First


Welcome to my first ever blog *eeek* (very exciting, I know).

First off, let me start by saying 'THANK YOU!'. Thank you for even reading this;) My goal for this blog is to inspire and empower my readers. It's a place for me to share my experiences with you. I am an actress, a city girl, a fashion, beauty, and travel enthusiast. I love good food, great company, and I am always up for adventure. I am so excited to share my take on the world with you.  I hope you enjoy reading the posts as much as I love writing them. So much to share!!!!!

Sky is the limit baby. 

To start things off, I've made a list of 27 things I love...Enjoy.




  1. New York City
  2. My mama
  3. Thrifting
  4. SoHo
  5. Crystals
  6. That “Carrie Bradshaw” life
  7. Grand Pianos
  8. Mickey Mouse 
  9. Pink peonies
  10. Creme brûlée 
  11. Cliché dance scenes in films
  12. SPRINKLES cupcakes (but really just cupcakes in general)
  13. Mashed Potatoes 
  14. Disposable Cameras 
  15. Night time subway rides
  16. Rose macarons from Nadège
  17.  My Stan Smith
  18. Harry Potter
  19.  Mango bubble tea (but minus the bubbles)
  20. Traveling 
  21. Afternoon Dim Sum
  22. Christmas
  23. Double french braids
  24.          Winning an argument
  25. Dancing around the kitchen
  26. Being a woman
  27. You.